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Company introduction:
 Hunan Granville International Logistics Limited is located in Changsha Jin Xia Bonded Logistics Center Park, relying on the company's headquarters in Hunan Feng Department of International Freight Forwarders Limited company of rich resources, can provide customers import and export agent customs declaration, inspection and terminal operations and other related business. According to the different needs of each customer to tailor the most appropriate, the most cost-effective logistics solutions, the greatest degree of optimize the customer's logistics process. For the majority of customers to provide quality and efficient services at the same time, the maximum extent possible to reduce costs, save time, safeguard and improve the economic interests of customers of the company and its market competition strength。
Business function:
One、Bonded zone" one-day tour"
two、The export rebate
three、Imports of bonded goods
four、Simple processing and value-added services
five、Bonded transfer
six、Area of pool of long individual plant warehousing logistics distribution service

Bonded Logistics Park Service Project:
One、Alternative Hongkong storage temporarily imported goods, re-exports of goods, goods for sale;
two、Alternative Hongkong export LCL, import devanning, international logistics and distribution;
three、International trade, bonded processing repair repair business back to Hong Kong;
four、Simple processing, bonded assembly, change box, label business;
five、Alternative a day trip to Hongkong, finished products export (tax ) import logistics business。
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